Avento joins Circles of Love

So Avento dresses Australia have joined the wedding directory Circles of Love.

there are lots of directories out there and many of them are just money orientated, whereas we have worked with the owners of the Circles of Love and know they have been in the wedding business for more than a decade in Australia and a lot more time overseas too.

CirclesofLove is a boutique niche market style directory that is looking to not be overly middle of the road but somewhere between Boho and Arty if that doesnt sound too posh and idiotic.

Value for money is what we look for obviously but also service,
It’s a 2 way street, or maybe a circle of love

Im told Circles of Love has a meaning that covers everything,
It could mean the 2 Eternity wedding rings on loved ones fingers or it could mean family and friends in a circle of love or it could be a circle of love wedding suppliers. it is what it is or whatever you want it to be,

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