Livestream Terms & Conditions

Please note we wish to have a very fair and very short terms and Conditions with regards to the Livestream of events.

As you are most probably aware sometimes conditions for livestreaming are beyond our control. 4G/5g LTE and WiFi connections change from time to time and location to location.
We have been building a list and can also check with the Telco companies what connections and speeds would be available at what locations.

you can also check for yourself before you book 

Telstra –
Optus –

also check with any local venues who may be holding your event if it’s possible for your streaming provider (BigSmiles) can utilise the internet from the venue.
(note: there are some venues that will not allow the use of internet by 3rd party suppliers.

we can bond up to 3 telco connections such as a Wifi a 4G LTE and a cable for a stronger faster safer connection.

When you have booked a livestream with Avento / BigSmiles, we will create a web page for you and upload photos and a small bio if you wish for your viewers to experience a great livestream.

are there refunds for Livestream breaks and failures. NO

Do we offer refunds?.
NO .

Should the stream break during the event we will work relentlessly to reconnect or create a new stream.

We also record in camera(s) and at the very earliest opportunity edit and upload the camera files to video.

Usually we will upload the edited video within a few hours of the Livestream but please be patient as travel time is a factor.

Even if the stream is a good stream and you are happy we will still replace the Livestream with a much higher quality and cleaner video with a downloadable button for you to keep.

Will we make secondary changes to the video?.
most probably not, our charges are already very low and editing videos takes a lot longer than most people expect or know. but you can always pay.